Who we are

About SkyNAP

We are a "New Generation Internet Service Provider and Managed IT Services Provider"

SkyNAP IP Networking Services are designed and deployed with fault tolerance and redundancy in mind. Our infrastructure is ideally suited to deliver the reliability, security, performance, availability and scalability that todays data networks require. SkyNAP has the agility to deliver network capacity that exceeds that of traditional telecommunication solutions. We specialize in infrastructure topologies that leverage proven technologies such as Fiber Optics, Wireless and Power line systems. SkyNAP embraces the technology and industry best practice that enables you to use IP networking to satisfy your data needs, security surveillance / access control and INTERNET access needs. Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals that understand the the network from A to Z who can fulfill your project needs from premise wiring to server configuration and be your INTERNET provider.

Values & Culture

SkyNAP's network of professionals share the same work ethics and values. Our reputation is created by the way we act with our clients, always a no non-sense approach to our solutions.

Corporate Citizenship

As a service provider we feel that good customer service is paramount to our success.