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New! Unlike U-shaped neck pillows, Skynap Travel Pillow perfectly contours to your head, neck and shoulders. Patented design supports your neck in a natural sleep position. Memory Foam with Cooling Fabric, Lightweight & Easy to Carry with Compact Hard-Shell Case.

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Wake-up feeling refreshed and ready-to-go after sitting for long periods.


Buy the Best Travel Neck Pillow at Skynap

Traveling is fun, though journeys can be exhausting at times. Many of us feel neck stiffness and back pain after a long journey on flights or cars. The reason behind this is not maintaining the right neck and back posture while sitting inside the vehicle. A lack of muscle movement for a long time during a flight or bus journey also leads to neck stiffness. Skynap is here to erase your travel woes with its innovative travel neck pillow.

Designed to render top-notch neck support, the Skynap pillows are poised with many interesting features that make them different from other conventional travel neck pillows. The first thing to note is the ergonomic design, which brings more comfort to the neck. The makers have cautiously skipped the orthodox U-shaped design to ensure that you get a cozier experience.

Skynap Pillows: Impeccable Design and Unique Features

An impeccable design makes the Skynap pillows stand in the crowd of various neck pillows available in the marketplace. We have manufactured the pillow with an innovative ergonomic design that gives support to maintain a perfect neck posture. Therefore, the chance of feeling neck pain and stiffness after a long flight is meticulously minimized.

The use of certified memory foam is another notable feature of Skynap pillows. The comfort and durability of memory foam make the product worth your money. On the other hand, we have used Oeko-Tex-certified cover to design the product. An unmatched breathability will make your sleeping experience on flights or buses cozier. The ultra-soft fabric also renders a cooling effect to reduce sweating.

Your Perfect Travel Buddy

Skynap brings this travel pillow keeping the convenience of the travelers in mind. No travelers love to carry heavy luggage with them. Skynap pillows will not add a burden to your travel since they are made of lightweight memory foam. Nevertheless, they come with meticulous packaging for traveling. You can decrease the size of the pillow by 30% while keeping it packed inside the bag. With such amazing portability, Skynap pillows have received five-star ratings from travelers.

Zero Hassles in Maintenance

A long-lasting performance is assured with the travel neck pillow introduced by Skynap. The pillows feature ultra-soft fabric to render a cooling effect. Therefore, you do not experience sweating on the go while resting your neck on the pillows. The cover is detachable, and you can use any regular detergent to clean it. The fabric remains breathable even after undergoing heavy wet wash multiple times. A truly long-lasting pillow cover that is value-for-money for the buyers.

Stay Fresh When You Travel

Neck soreness after a long journey is challenging, especially for people who already suffer from chronic neck pain. The Skynap airplane pillow is designed to make your travel experience cozy and keep you refreshed. Long-distance traveling will not be physically exhausting anymore. Embrace Skynap pillows – the best pillow for neck pain for travelers.