Small Travel Pillow by Skynap

Ergonomic small travel pillow to give immaculate support to your neck during flight, car, and bus journeys. Easy-to-fit in a hardcover shell makes the Skynap pillow the best small neck pillow for travelers.

Remarkable Ergonomic Comfort and Portability with Skynap Small Travel Pillow

Traveling is fun, though it comes with two prominent pains for everyone. Firstly, neck and back stiffness or discomfort is a big challenge faced by people on long journeys. Secondly, you face issues in packing your bags. Typically, the packing checklist includes a lot of things. However, it is not possible to include all those items in your bags due to space crunch. Skynap brings a revolutionary small travel pillow that resolves both problems discussed above.

The unique ergonomic support of our memory foam pillow ensures that your neck does not feel pain during long-distance journeys. At the same time, it comes with a unique design that fetches convenience in packing. You do not need to look for pillow cases for small travel pillows separately since the product comes with a hard-shell case to render convenience during your tours.

Skynap Small Travel Pillow Features

Skynap has designed the travel neck pillow with precision and innovation to provide optimum comfort to the users. Besides an unorthodox ergonomic design, the pillow comes with many unique features that are discussed in the following section.

Small and Expandable

The pillow looks small when it is packed inside the hard-shell cover. The pillow size increases when you take it out from the shell. Overall, the size can be decreased by 30% of its original size when you pack the pillow.

Easy to Carry

Due to its small size, it can be packed inside travel bags and other small carry-on bags easily. Keeping the hassles of travelers in mind, we have equipped the product with a carabiner clip so that you can clip it on the neck pillow with your luggage bags.


The lightweight design makes the pillow more suitable for travel purposes. Weighing only 5 Oz, our product boasts one of the most lightweight small travel neck pillows. The use of the certified memory foam makes it a lightweight product.

Detachable Fabric:

The pillow fabric is removable so that you can wash it. Most travel pillows do not have detachable fabrics, and travelers find skin allergy issues due to poor hygiene. With our small neck pillow, you do not need to worry about hygiene as the fabric is washable.

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Benefits of Buying Skynap Neck Travel Pillow

Looking for a perfect small travel pillow at an affordable price? Skynap travel neck pillow could be the best product for you. Here are the reasons why our product is winning the hearts of the customers.

Ergonomic Support

The unique ergonomic design of our neck pillow gives amazing neck support, which the regular U-shaped pillows cannot render.

Exciting Pricing

The Skynap travel pillow is pocket-friendly, costing only $49.99, which makes it more affordable than neck pillows from other brands.

Certified Memory Foam

While many brands claim memory foam, we deliver assurance with our certified memory foam to ensure optimum comfort.

Durability Assured

Skynap travel neck pillow assures quality and durability. Certified memory foam and detachable pillow covers ensure a long-lasting result.

Our Travel Neck Pillow Available Online!

Enjoy the convenience of shopping for the Skynap small travel pillow from anywhere at your convenience. Our product is listed on Amazon and available in three elegant colors.

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